Old Truck. Old Web Site.

This old International 2674 and this website have more in common than you might think. Both are well used and probably past their prime but they still get the job done despite many little things going wrong behind the scenes.

More than once someone has probably wanted to pull the plug on this old truck and move on to something easier to run and nicer to look at it. But they haven’t. Hopefully they don’t.

That’s enough waxing poetic about inanimate objects. I’m sure there will be more posts to come soon. In the mean time. Keep on trucking.


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2022 ATCA Northeastern PA Truck Show

A tradition unlike any other. The 2022 ATCA Northeastern PA chapter truck show.

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Still Working – Brockway 359

While attending the 2022 Huskie Drive at Greek Peak a few weeks back I immediately spotted this old 359 hanging around the shops.

The story goes that this truck is a former Town of Solon, NY rig with a 6-71 Detroit and 15 speed trans.

You always need to have your eyes peeled when cruising the back roads of Cortland County.

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Old GM Trucks

Once upon a time you could buy a truck from the “General” in nearly any size from pickup to class 8. Back when these two trucks were new that dream was fading fast. Does the crane truck appears to have a backup bell on the rear wheel or am just seeing what I want to?

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Empire State Antique Truck Association 2022 – The Video

The ESATA annual show is a two day affair featuring hundreds of different vehicles. Unfortunately I only had a few hours to spend at this great show on Saturday. Enjoy!


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Empire State Antique Truck Association 2022

According to my records I haven’t been to an Empire State Antique Truck Association show since 2016, possibly longer. This year the show moved to the Western New York Gas and Steam Association show grounds. In addition to the trucks and tractors on display there was all types of cool machines floating around the grounds. Take a look. Video to follow.

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Truckers Pride and Polish – Broome County Fair 2022

A truck show in five minutes? Can you even cook rice that fast?

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Turn and Burn – 2022 ATCA National Meet

It’s not over until the Superliner sings!

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The Backroads of Madison County NY

Somewhere on the backroads of Madison County you will find these two old trucks. I wish I knew where! My father-in-law spotted these on the way to Bouckville, NY. Time for a Sunday cruise?

Thanks Joe!

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At the Dealer – International and Isuzu

Well here it is folks, the new International MV. It’s a nice looking truck even in boring white. I’m not a fan of the bug antenna mirrors but this is the year 2022 where nothing can be cool.

Could Isuzu ever produced a conventional style truck? The Isuzu N Series seems to have the stance and size. It’s sad that truck is the closet we have to a class 8 cabover in the U.S.

What do you think this message could mean? It looks like a restyled hood for the LT range of trucks? Possible electric drive train for that model line? Only time will tell. Visit https://www.internationaltrucks.com/en/media/shift for more.

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