Volvo VNX

Yesterday Volvo dropped the redesigned VNX, the heavy haul flagship of their North American offerings. As with every redesigned vehicle of all time designers and engineers worked closely with existing customers to tailor the truck to exacting needs. God only knows what they would come up with if they were left to their own devices. Probably something like the Homer. Anyway, the new VNX will be powered by the Volvo D13 or the Cummins X15. Cab configurations include daycab, low roof regional sleeper and high roof 70″ sleeper. Axle configurations will include 6×4 tandem, 8×4 tadem and 8×6 tridem.

If you are so inclined you can read the press release here at Transport Topics. It’s full of useful information but the line I found most interesting was…

He said that the company offers these types of severe-duty models worldwide, including its home country of Sweden, and is ready to expand its presence in the segment in North America. He pointed specifically to Canada and upstate New York as regions where heavy-haul applications are prevalent. 

Good ol’ Upstate NY at the center of the modern trucking world!

Check out the video below for some great self indulgence VNX imagery.

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Old Trucks Are Best

A simple truth. Old trucks are best. And old trucks tend to look best in black and white photographs. Enjoy these photos from Dave of some neat old rigs that time and nature are slowly erasing.

A Mack Internationals

A Mack COE

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International Workstar with M-B Chassis Conversion

Yeah. I gotta start hanging out at airports more often. Check out this 2015 International Workstar of the Truckee Tahoe airport. As you might imaging this little airport can experience extremely heavy snow fall. To keep the runways open the International comes equipped with a 18 foot reversible M-B P5000 front blade along with a Henderson wing. All together the two provide over 20 feet of runway clearing power.

While the truck was built by International the 4×4 systems come from M-B as well. It’s a complete package that includes axles, transfer cases and transmissions. It truely is a custom system. Make sure to stop by the M-B website to check out the full details and browse through the other truely mega machines they build for airports around the world.

I know we all pine for the days when runway trucks were massively overbuilt Walter and Oshkosh units but this truck is a pretty decent modern take on those trucks. Perhaps Walter could have survived if they had taken to intergrating their technology into the trucks of the more conventional OEMs? Bring it up with your kids around the dinner table tonight. I’m sure it will lead to a lively discussion.

A massive thanks to Ryan for sharing these photos.

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Autocar Mondays – Three Wise Men

Christmas is just around the corner….if you consider 288 days away to be the near future. Hugh was about and about recently when he came across this trio of Autocar Trucks still dressed for the holiday season. These trucks hail from the 40’s if my guess is correct. Most likely they are gas powered. Little else is know about their history other than the faded lettering that reads L.E. Beach, Springfield (MA presumably). Thanks for making the u-turn Hugh!

Do you have an Autocar Truck you would like to see featured in Autocar Mondays? Email today!

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NTEA Work Truck Show 2018

So last year after seeing some photos from Tom of the Work Truck Show it became painfully obvious that this is a not to miss show for anyone even the least interested in trucks. Not only do you have vendors of all kinds showing the very latest in truck related equipment but this year you had at least three major reveals in the form of the Hino XL, the International MV and the Silverado 4500/5500HD. So why again was I sitting back in CNY shoveling a foot a snow for what feels like the millionth weekend in a row? Guess I’m not as smart as look.

This truck is proof that you don’t have to have large stacks and shaved door handles do make unique ride. It’s a Kenworth T370 with a Paccar PX-9 350 HP Allison 3000RDS Fabco FSD-12 Front Axle Summit Body with 29 foot 12,000 lb Crane.

Enjoy the gallery below courtesy of Tom who has brought us coverage of this show for the past three years.

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Like a Boulder

GM has been out of the medium duty game since the great recession. That was the last time you were able to buy any truck from the general in the class 4, 5 and 6 segment. At the time the move made financial sense as competition from heavy truck builders was increasing, the economy was imploding and cross town rival, Ford, has already bowed out of the ring. The years rolled on and times changed as they have a habit of doing. Soon Ford returned to the mix along with a reinvigorated Ram brand. Suddenly a medium duty truck made sense again. But designing a platform from scratch was an expensive proposition so GM turned to Navistar for help. As it so happened Navistar was fresh out of relationship with Ford building F-650 trucks at their Blue Diamond factory in Mexico and looking for a new partner. It was announced in 2015 that the GM and Navistar would work together to build a new truck platform that would be sold by both companies through their respective dealer networks.

Well there it is folks, the new Silverado 4500/5500. Not half bad when you consider how small trucks look when inflated to the breaking point. Not half bad when you consider how big trucks look when they are micronized down two or three class sizes. As one would expect a Duramax resides behind the bowtie with various Allison options for the transmission department with four wheel drive options also available. GM executives hope to have a market share of new 30% largely at the cost of Ford and Ram. This new expanded Silverado will produced at Navistar’s Springfield, Illinois plant.

So the big question….when does the International version show up? When it does I’m fairly certain it won’t be packing a Duramax.

Further Reading: Chevy Silverado medium-duty line grows in a bid to outgun Ford, Ram

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Hino XL

Yesterday Hino Trucks unveiled their first ever truck designed specifically for the Class 7/8 truck market. For those not up on their industry jargon this is the heaviest class of commercial trucks found on the roads of North America. Behold the Hino XL

The XL is powered by the Hino A09 turbo diesel which is capable of producing upwards of 360 HP and 115o foot pounds of torque. A variety of Allison and Eaton transmissions are available as well various rear ends setups from the likes of Hendrickson and Haulmaxx. Standard driver comfort features such as A/C, cruise, steering wheel controls and LED lighting are standard. The XL begins production in 2019 at the completely refurbished Hino plant in Mineral Wells, West Virginia.

Fun Facts:

Hino is globally recognized at the 3rd largest commercial vehicle producer and the fastest growing truck builder in the United States. (source)

Random Thoughts: 

Hino, International, and GM are just a few of the manufactures to announce new or totally revamped products at the Work Truck Show which seems to be a growing trend for this event. In the past the Mid American Truck show played host to such announcements but that seems to be a thing of the past now that the major players have decided to only show up every other year or less.

Final Thoughts:

In the realm of the new truck world I think this is decent looking rig. I also like that is built in West Virginia, a state that Hino has invested heavily in for decades. They have been slowly plugging away at building quality vehicles and adapting to the U.S. market. The stage now seems to be set for solid growth and success. Guess it takes more than four years to get a truck off the ground eh Caterpillar?

Future Thoughts:

The International MV and the new Chevy/GM heavy duty 4500/5500 series.

Further reading.

Hino Trucks unveils XL

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At the Dealer – West Coast Edition

It’s no secret that things are done a little different on the west coast. When it comes to trucks they tend to have a longer wheel base, larger engines and of course, more chrome.

Check out this Freightliner 122SD complete with DD13, 8LL trans, 14,000 lb front axle and 40,000 pound rears on Haulmaxx suspension setup. 

Maybe one of the most quintessential west coast setups is the transfer dump. If you’re confused on how they work check out this video. It’s easier than typing up an explanation. This particular setup uses the DD13 and a 13 speed.

Yes, everything on the west coast has to look nice because they get all that sun. Back east we get to hid behind gloomy skies and road salt covered trucks. What’s the point of having nice stuff if you can never see it?

 Check out this setup. Wow!

A big thanks to Dan for sending over these shots. It’s always fun to see how things are done outside of your regular part of the world.

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Autocar Mondays – Lost in Plain Sight

Have you ever thought about restoring an old ready mix truck but you just don’t know where to start? Here is some advice. Find a different truck! You see, most ready mix operations have a large stash of old trucks in the back lot but they have no plans or desires to sell them to anyone for any reason. True, most of these trucks have been beat into oblivion and don’t offer much other than random parts but you won’t even get that far even if you ask nicely. Some of these trucks were parked with life left on them but paranoia about them falling into the hands of upstart that could become a future rival have left them to rust alone among the trees.

There more than a few locations like this across the northeast with Cranesville Block having their fare share. Here we see your classic Autocar mixer that must have been a site to behold in its prime.

And check out this one. It’s parked next to a Brockway no less! Thanks to Newman for sharing these shots with us. Great stuff!

Do you have an Autocar Truck you would like to see featured in Autocar Mondays? Email today!

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My Back Hurts

Wow. We got a lot of snow. Wet, heavy, back breaking, window making snow. It fell constantly for twelve straight hours. Despite it being one or two degrees away from rain the wind still found a way to blow this snow into towering drifts. Good times were had by all when trees and power lines began to succumb to this combo. With falling branches and down lines I kept my plow seeking adventures close to home. When I ventured out I came across at least one cool piece of equipment in the form of this Caterpillar 944A

I’ve been hoping to catch this machine in action all season but it wasn’t doing much more that ticking away when I saw it this day. Fairly quiet at idle with what sounded like air wipers with a slight leak.

This picture gives you a good indication of the conditions all day. Round and round the plows went just to keep the roads clear for moments at a time. Below, a Town of Sullivan truck making its way down my street. My house is in the background believe it or not.

As bad as it looks the roads were perfectly clear by the next morning. This time of year mother nature typically works with you by providing temps in the mid 30’s. Traffic, road salt, and plowing equals black pavement. Still, when you have a bad ass International Paystar with AWD you take it out for a spin and to clean up those messy spots.

Over at Wegmans I caught the tall end of some lot clearing. My back hurts just watching it.

In the gallery below, some random shots including my ever favorite, 2574 from Onondaga County. There are still a few of these old warriors out there. 

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